A Temporary Crown May Be Needed During a Dental Restoration

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Certain types of dental work such as dental crowns and dental bridges rely on one or more anchoring abutments to secure it in your mouth. An abutment is created from the either the core structures of a natural tooth, or gutta-percha used in a treatment like endodontic therapy.

Once the abutment has been prepared, an impression will be made and sent to a professional dental lab. This will guide dental technicians in creation of your new dental crown.

In the interim, Dr. Austin Baker may protect the sensitive abutment by installing a temporary crown.

This hard plastic cap is merely designed to protect the abutment, it does not fully restore the tooth’s basic ability to bite or chew food. If it is damaged, pulled out, or compromised in some way it could lead to significant complications in the dental restoration process.

At the same time it is still important to maintain healthy gums. This means lightly brushing your temporary crown twice each day and thoroughly flossing at least once.

If you have a problem with your temporary crown, you should not delay in contacting Grand Trails Dental’s dental offices.

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