Are You Aware of the Risks Associated With Mouth Jewelry?

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Did you know that mouth jewelry is proving to be extremely beneficial in individuals who are suffering from a downturn in their self-esteem? It’s true, as mouth jewelry is often linked to self-identification and a boost in a person’s self-image. However, there are downfalls associated with mouth jewelry, including several risk factors to your oral health.

If you are not careful, it is entirely possible that your mouth jewelry can severely damage your teeth and gums. With the presence of tongue piercings, you risk immediate dental damage through permanent nerve damage or burst blood vessels. Furthermore, all forms of mouth jewelry can lead to several health risks including the ability to chip and crack teeth as they swing around in your mouth.

Common forms of dental damage associated with mouth jewelry include allergic reactions, chips and cracks in your teeth, choking hazards, infectious diseases, and oral inflammation. Furthermore, the act of cleaning your mouth daily is more difficult as mouth jewelry can easily get in the way and make brushing and flossing more labored.

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