Stained Tooth? We Can Help!

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You probably understand that your pearly whites might turn yellow if you don’t care for them well. However, are you aware that your teeth could also turn black, especially if you have suffered some kind of trauma? Similarly, while you may know that teeth whitening can help yellow teeth, do you know what you should do if one of your teeth has turned black?

Sadly, your tooth may turn black if the inside of a tooth has been injured. This happens when blood leaks in the center of your teeth. In reality, this darkening could continue for a few months if not treated. Fortunately, our team can help you avoid and reverse this problem. One treatment our team may offer is root canal therapy, which can remove the blood-stained parts of your tooth.

Your children may also have intrinsic staining if they’re overexposed to fluoride when they’re young. Similarly, if your child takes antibiotics before they’re 8 years old, or if a mother needed antibiotics during her pregnancy, intrinsic staining may occur. If your child experiences trauma and their tooth darkens, they might not need root canal therapy. Generally, your little one’s tooth will return to its natural color after just a few days.

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