A Temporary Crown May Be Needed During a Dental Restoration

Certain types of dental work such as dental crowns and dental bridges rely on one or more anchoring abutments to secure it in your mouth. An abutment is created from the either the core structures of a natural tooth, or gutta-percha used in a treatment like endodontic therapy. Once the abutment has been prepared, an impression will be made and... read more »

Flossing Choices for Unique Smiles

Here at Grand Trails Dental in Spring, Texas, we understand every smile is unique, which is why we understand every smile may need different types of dental products to keep your unique smile healthy. To help you find your way through the sea of dental products, our team is happy to talk to you about each kind and why they... read more »

How to Eliminate Plaque from Your Smile

Plaque is a harmful film that clings to your teeth and causes tooth decay and gum disease. This is one of the most dangerous substances for your smile, which is why it’s extremely important to remove it on a regular basis. There are many things you can do to free your smile from plaque, and those things are: -Brush: Brush... read more »

Avoid Halloween Cavities

This is a time of year where it's incredibly easy to get lazy with your oral health habits, eat a ton of candy, and just relax. However, doing that is basically asking cavities to form in your mouth. A cavity can put a big damper on the rest of the holiday season, which is why our team here at Grand... read more »

Tips for Improving Your Flossing Technique

Brushing your teeth twice each day is only one part of an effective oral hygiene routine. Flossing is just as important as it is the most effective tool for removing plaque and food particles from between teeth as well as along the gum line. Flossing is more than simply running a piece of waxed or unwaxed floss between your teeth.... read more »