What To Change After Getting A Cavity

What is a cavity, and how do you keep them from happening? A cavity occurs when your tooth enamel has been extensively damaged, so that a hole has developed in the inner parts of your tooth. If not taken care of, cavities can cause infection or even tooth loss. If you have a cavity, it’s time for a frank assessment... read more »

What Not to Eat to Keep Your Smile Shining

Some foods we eat can present greater risks than others for ailments such as tooth decay or gum disease. Although the best choice in averting oral health care disasters continues to be a daily maintenance in our oral hygiene habits, it’s vital to avoid hazards before they even have a chance to enter your mouth. Here are a few kinds... read more »

Flossing Choices for Unique Smiles

Here at Grand Trails Dental in Spring, Texas, we understand every smile is unique, which is why we understand every smile may need different types of dental products to keep your unique smile healthy. To help you find your way through the sea of dental products, our team is happy to talk to you about each kind and why they... read more »

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening Therapy

Teething whitening treatments are used in dentistry to remove discolorations and stains within teeth. As with all dental procedures, it’s always best to seek the advice of your dentist before using any product. Listed below are some common questions about teeth whitening therapy: What is the following is not a form of tooth whitening therapy? a.) Professional teeth whitening treatments... read more »

Stained Tooth? We Can Help!

You probably understand that your pearly whites might turn yellow if you don’t care for them well. However, are you aware that your teeth could also turn black, especially if you have suffered some kind of trauma? Similarly, while you may know that teeth whitening can help yellow teeth, do you know what you should do if one of your... read more »

Let Dental Veneers Enhance Your Smile

At Grand Trails Dental, the practice of Dr. Austin Baker, we are pleased to offer dental veneers for our patients looking for brighter smiles in Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas. Dental veneers are perfect for correcting minor smile issues, and are thin-as-wafer shells which are custom made to cover the front portion of your teeth. You may be a good... read more »

What Treatments Are Available For A Dry Mouth?

If you have a chronic case of xerostomia (dry mouth) then you are more susceptible to oral health problems like tooth decay and infection. However, you don’t need to fear this condition because there are many treatment solutions available for xerostomia, including the following: The best treatment is to determine the cause of your dry mouth problem and treat that... read more »

Being Smart About Wisdom Teeth

Almost everyone has to deal with their wisdom teeth at some point in their lives. Some people have them removed very early, before they erupt. Some people wait and see if their wisdom teeth will cause problems. Others just hope for the best. What should you do about your wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth, sometimes referred to as third molars, are... read more »