Knowledge Foundation: Tooth Decay

If you are suffering from tooth decay, it can lead to several other oral health risks. Tooth decay can slowly wear down your tooth enamel due to acids and plaque buildup in your mouth. As your tooth decay is easily worn down, it can give rise to holes in your tooth enamel known as cavities. If a cavity is present,... read more »

What Not to Eat to Keep Your Smile Shining

Some foods we eat can present greater risks than others for ailments such as tooth decay or gum disease. Although the best choice in averting oral health care disasters continues to be a daily maintenance in our oral hygiene habits, it’s vital to avoid hazards before they even have a chance to enter your mouth. Here are a few kinds... read more »

Flossing Choices for Unique Smiles

Here at Grand Trails Dental in Spring, Texas, we understand every smile is unique, which is why we understand every smile may need different types of dental products to keep your unique smile healthy. To help you find your way through the sea of dental products, our team is happy to talk to you about each kind and why they... read more »

A Tooth Suffering from a Missing Filling Needs Timely Treatment

Here at Grand Trails Dental, your dentist, Dr. Austin Baker, often uses fillings to repair a small area of tooth decay. While they are meant to last a long time, it is possible for the bacteria in your mouth to cause the bond between the filling and the surrounding tooth enamel to fail. This is even more likely to be... read more »

Most Cases of Toothache Pain Result from a More Serious Problem

Toothache pain should never be taken lightly. In most instances a pain localized in a single tooth or the surrounding gums, is likely a result of a more serious problem developing. Ignoring it could put your oral health in extreme peril. Sometimes a recent trauma like an accidental hard fall or a blow to the face, can damage the internal... read more »

Tooth Decay and Crowns

Tooth decay is a serious matter that demands immediate attention. Unfortunately, every year millions of Americans ignore or put off having a cavity repaired. Left unchecked these cavities can continue to spread across the tooth enamel and deeper into the sensitive internal structures of the tooth. When tooth decay is too extreme to be repaired by a basic filling Grand... read more »

All You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also known as tooth-shaped caps, and they successfully restore your tooth after it has been discolored, broken, and worn down. If you have a tooth that is taking away from the strength and beauty of your smile, we encourage you to change its condition with a dental crown! Dental crowns are generally used to improve the appearance... read more »