If you fear needles, then come see our dentist for painless sedation through DentalVibe® in Spring, Texas. When Dr. Priya injects a local anesthetic in your mouth, he can do it with your comfort in mind because this device uses vibrations to block pain signals. Come to Grand Trails Dental for pain-free dental services before, during, and after procedures.

The DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System takes needle pain out of dentistry. In fact, you may not even realize when you have received a shot. We understand that patients with a painful toothache don’t want to experience more pain through the injection of a local anesthetic. In fact, some patients may fear the injection more than drilling and tooth extractions. But they no longer need to fear when we use Dental Vibe, a handheld device that has shown success for 98% of patients in preventing pain from needle injections.

DentalVibe works with vibrations. In short, the vibrating device sends signals to the brain so it will focus on the vibrations rather than the injection pain. The vibration signals block pain perception signals. Our dentist places DentalVibe on the site and starts it vibrating about 10 seconds before the needle injection. He will continue this vibration through injection time and 3 seconds after the needle has been removed. This device not only makes local injections painless, but it also helps the anesthesia to take effect more quickly.

For more information on DentalVibe, and to make your appointment with our dentist, call us at 832-616-8822 today.