A straighter smile can be all yours much sooner than you might think! Our dentist and team offer Optimal Force™ brackets in Spring, Texas, to give you excellent results in a shorter amount of time! Call 832-616-8822 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Priya at Grand Trails Dental and learn if this treatment is right for you.

The Optimal Force braces system is an innovative way to straighten teeth more quickly and precisely than traditional braces or self-ligating braces. Optimal Force brackets are triangular shaped, so they can be placed very easily on teeth with their three reference points. Each bracket also has other revolutionary features, such as beveled slots and scribe lines, that our dentist can use to control the force and friction of the treatment, resulting in enhanced comfort for the patient.

Once the Optimal Force brackets are applied to a patient’s teeth, our dentist can begin applying gentle force to shift and rotate teeth immediately. This allows orthodontic cases using Optimal Force brackets to be completed in as little as half the time as standard or self-ligating braces. If you would like to learn more about this system of braces and whether it is a good fit for your smile, schedule a consultation with us! We are looking forward to helping you improve your smile.