Tips for Treating Your Dry Mouth

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Do you suffer from a constant dry, cottony feeling in the mouth? If so, you likely have dry mouth, which is a oral health issue that can aid in many dental problems if you’re not careful. Dry mouth can also be quite inconvenient, especially because it oftentimes feels like you can’t quite quench your thirst. The good news is that our dentist, Dr. Austin Baker, has some tips that can help you help your dry mouth. Those tips are:

-Frequently sip on water or sugar-free liquids: Sipping on liquids throughout the day can keep your mouth moist and can also keep you hydrated. This can help you eliminate the dry, uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. It can also wash away oral bacteria that cause cavities and other dental problems.

-Chew sugar-free gum: Sugar-free gum can improve saliva flow because that is the natural response when chewing. It’s best that the gum is sugar free so you don’t promote cavities while you chew. Feel free to chew gum after each meal.

-Use over-the-counter, artificial saliva: Over-the-counter, artificial saliva usually comes in the form of a liquid or aerosol. All you need to do is frequently spray it in your mouth. This can moisten the mouth and lessen any dry mouth discomfort you feel.

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