What to Expect at Your Dental Check

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If you haven’t been for a routine dental check up in a while, here is a short refresher so that you know what you’re in for.

Our friendly receptionist will check you in with a smile. Then you will be called back into one of the dental stations and settle into a comfy chair. The hygienist (or dental assistant) will ask you about your dental history and find out if there are any current pressing issues or health changes since you were last seen. If you haven’t been in for a year or longer, you’ll need to have new x-rays taken.

Next, your teeth will be given a thorough cleaning with specialized tools made for the purpose of scraping calcified tartar off the teeth and gum line. All plaque will be removed with floss and a small spinning brush. An abrasive paste will be applied to eradicate any remnants of plaque and to polish the teeth to make it more difficult for plaque to adhere to them until your next visit.

The dentist will then examine your teeth, gums, and the areas of interest found by the assistant. Using a small mirror and probe, he will be looking for decay, wear, damage and signs of gum disease. he will also feel around your neck and jaw to screen for oral cancer. Once complete, you will be advised of any problematic concerns. If all is well, you will be set free for another six months.

If you’re past due on a dental exam, call Drs. Baker and Huynh and our team at Grand Trails Dental. You can make an appointment at: 832-616-8822, or come by our office in Spring, Texas.